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Excavation and repair of damaged drains

When a drain gets damaged and requires subsequent repairs, the cost and duration of the resulting groundwork can vary depending on several factors. In order to assess and determine the best remedy for your specific drainage problem, one of the Jersey drain engineers at Drain It Ltd. will need to inspect the site and determine the best course of action.

We are knowledgeable of and adhere to Jersey’s current health, safety and legislative standards and carefully consider all factors associated with groundworks when planning your project. Personnel permits, required equipment and all potential environmental impacts are taken into consideration by our drain engineers to ensure that your project is performed in compliance with all Jersey regulations.


There are many forms of modern day underpinning techniques and with an experienced and highly skilled workforce we are pleased to offer an extensive service.

Our client base extends to all areas of the construction industry including domestic and commercial projects.

A major benefit when utilising our services is that we have the workforce, experience and resources available to undertake all aspects of a contract from start to finish. We pride ourselves on successfully providing a ‘complete drainage and groundworks service’

Hard Landscaping

Hard Landscaping is the structure within the exterior boundaries of your property. It often starts off at the boundaries with walls or fences, and includes patios, path & driveways, walls etc. Getting this aspect of your garden right is crucial, as the constituent parts should be there for a long time. Therefore, they need to be well constructed from good, reliable materials as well as pleasing to the eye.

We tend to do a large number of gardens that belong to period houses. As such, we prefer to try and find materials that match the character of the house. Using reclaimed flagstones or paving is an effective way of creating a timeless aspect for your driveway, patio or path, whilst doing your green credentials no harm whatsoever! Alternatively, we can landscape with modern permeable block paving or to your personal specification.

Site Clearance

Drain It Ltd specialises in all forms of site clearance for both domestic and commercial customers from one-off items to complete garden or land clearances including light demolition.

Rain Water Harvesting

We offer a full range of rainwater harvesting products and services from garden irrigation and water collection systems that can reduce a household’s reliance on mains water. Rainwater Harvesting can form a key integral part of a well-designed sustainable drainage scheme and can assist where the mains water supply (and drainage infrastructure) simply cannot support increased demand, or when hosepipe bans are in force.

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