Excavation and repair of damaged drains


Cesspools are purely a holding tank without an outlet, and will require emptying on a frequent basis depending on usage.

Cesspools act as a solution for locations without mains drainage where the discharge of treated effluent is not permissible due to unsuitable ground conditions, or where infrequent use such as for a holiday home would prevent the use of a packaged sewage treatment plant.

Standard sizes range from 1,000 litres to 79,000 litres, however larger tanks are available.

Sizing criteria for cesspools
For a single dwelling 18,000 litres (4,000 gallons) is the minimum allowable capacity. Subject to Planning permission

For non-domestic applications ie. Irrigation, refer to Drain It Ltd for advice on the capacity and type of tank required.
A high level alarm on cesspools is required in order that the level in the cesspool can be monitored and to ensure spillage or a disruption in service is minimised.

Drain repair and replacement

Drain It Ltd can carry out any necessary excavations and drain repairs including the reinstatement of surface finishes, road, gardens and pathways.

From small excavations through to specialist “deep dig” excavations Drain It Ltd undertake these works responsibly and safely.

Drain It Ltd have a vast amount of experience in all types of drain repairs, replacement and installation including but not limited too:

  • Drain repair and replacement
  • Existing drainage, foul and surface water
  • Oil Separators
  • Drainage treatment plants from 2 -150 person
  • Septic tanks and cesspits
  • Pumping stations, both foul and surface water
  • Land drainage and flood alleviation systems
  • Gravity systems, installation and/or replacement
  • Drainage design

Drain It Ltd constantly invests in operative training and equipment.

General Groundworks & Civil Engineering

We are an experienced groundworks Company with over 30 years experience. We offer a flexible package of plant labour and materials dependent on our clients' requirements and providing competitive groundwork and construction solutions to all our clients' needs including sub-structure, foundations, drainage and external works.
We have completed projects in most sectors including commercial, industrial, local authorities, private and social housing.

  • Drainage
  • Foundations
  • External works / Hard Landscape
  • Brick/Block Work
  • Services

Including all infrastructure works, sewers, pump stations, structures and hard landscaping for local authorities and private companies.

  • Roads & Sewers
  • Rising Main/Pumping Station
  • Off-site sewer connections

Hard landscaping

Our highly skilled workforce are proficient in all aspects of hard landscaping. To building patios, constructing walls and laying of traditional and contempary paving we work hard to provide customers with an efficient and professional service.

Hard Landscaping

  • Fencing
  • Raised beds
  • Paving
  • Driveways
  • Wall construction and more…

Drain It ltd are Grundfos agents and service providers

Drain It Ltd offers a complete range of pumps to suit every need for the collection and transportation of effluent, surface commercial & wastewater. Our reliable and energy-efficient pumping solutions feature an enclosed pump and motor, making them suitable for submersible operation as well as vertical or horizontal dry installation. In addition, guide rail installation allows the pumps to be serviced without the need for entering the pit.

Drain It Ltd pumping solutions build on decades of expertise, allowing us to balance performance, reliability, cost efficiency and serviceability. Drain It Ltd can design the entire pump system or provide high-quality components such as sewage pumps, drainage pumps, grinder pumps, lifting stations, pre-fabricated pumping stations, controllers and a wide range of accessories.

Surface & Wastewater pumping stations

In surface & wastewater transport, pumping stations are designed to collect and transport wastewater to a point of higher elevation. Pumping stations are also known as lift stations.

A pumping station is typically designed to handle surface & wastewater that is fed from underground gravity pipelines and stored in an underground pit, or wet well. The wet well is equipped with electrical instrumentation to detect the level of wastewater present. When the wastewater level rises to a predetermined level, the pumping station commences operation: A pump starts to lift the surface & wastewater upwards through a pressurised pipe system that discharges the wastewater into a gravity manhole. Here, the cycle starts again until the surface & wastewater reaches its destination – usually a wastewater treatment plant or surface water outfall via a gravity sewer.

In the event of high water flows into the well (for example during peak flow periods and wet weather) additional pumps will start in parallel.
In terms of their size, pumping stations are normally categorised as pressurised pumping stations (small), network pumping stations (medium) or main pumping stations (large).

Prefabricated pumping stations

Drain It Ltd can size a wastewater or surface water pumping station to suit your specific needs. Prefabricated pumping stations can handle all sorts of wastewater: from effluent, drainage and sewage from domestic, commercial, municipal and industrial properties to surface water from highways and roads.

Generally, prefabricated pumping stations are used in two main types of sewer systems:
Pressurised sewer systems: A pressurised sewer system is ideal for sparsely populated areas and areas where ground conditions make gravity installations too expensive. The wastewater pumping station is fitted with efficient and reliable grinder pumps to prevent clogging in the small-diameter pipes or hoses typically found in these systems.
Gravitational sewer systems: Prefabricated pumping stations are used as lift stations in traditional gravitational sewer systems as a cost-efficient, environmentally friendly and highly reliable alternative to expensive concrete solutions – both in new-build and in refurbishment projects.

Rainwater harvesting

So what is rainwater harvesting? It is a strategy for the collection of rainwater and storing it in the right way for future use. The water can be collected from various surfaces and stored for later use. In most cases, the water is usually collected from rooftops and other hard surfaces. Rainwater harvesting is considered as a very reliable way to conserve water.

This technique has been around for a very long time. Over the past years, this method of water storage has grown quite popular. It plays a vital role in reducing the use of potable water and increase reliability on rainwater.

Advantages of Rainwater Harvesting
In both urban and rural setting, harvesting can be done by the use of infrastructure. One of the simplest ways of storing water from the collection is storage tanks. In most cases, the harvested water is usually redirected to storage tanks, cistern or reservoirs. The water is usually stored for later use. The roof of buildings is the best way to harvest rainwater. There are numerous advantages in doing so.

  1. Easy to Maintain
    The use of rainwater harvesting system provides ideal merits to any community. First and foremost, the collection offers a better and efficient utilisation of energy resource. It is important because potable water is usually not renewable, thus reducing wastage. The systems used for water collection is based on simple techniques that are very easy to maintain. The overall expenses used in setting up harvesting methods are much cheaper compared to other purifying or pumping means. Also, its maintenance is feasible on the economic front as it does not require deep pockets.
  2. Reducing Water Bills
    Water that has been stored from harvesting water can be used for several non-drinking purposes. It will immediately reduce one’s utility bills. It is ideal for both residential and commercial properties.
  3. Suitable for Irrigation
    Harvesting allows the collection of large amounts of water. Most rooftops provide the necessary platform for collecting water. Rainwater is usually free from harmful chemicals, which makes it ideal for irrigation purposes.
  4. Reduce demand on Ground Water
    Another important advantage is that it reduces demand for potable water. It is important especially in areas with low water levels.

Sewage treatment plant

A sewage treatment plant can solve many sewage disposal problems when no mains sewer connection is available. We can survey your individual site and advise a wastewater treatment unit would be suitable. There are always many factors to consider and from our experience we normally find that several different schemes can be considered.
Drain It Ltd are the Channel Islands accredited installers for Kingspan Klargester

For domestic dwellings without access to mains drainage, the Klargester BioDisc® sewage treatment plant provides a reliable, efficient and environmentally safe solution to your sewage disposal needs.


Soakaways & surface water

Traditional (Builders) soakaways were and still are made up of pits filled with hardcore, stones and gravel of varying sizes. The problem with these installations is that over time, soil and debris get washed down, filling the voids and rendering the soakaway useless. Now with the extreme downpours and prolonged cloud bursts surface water management is a hot topic with anyone having to dispose of surface water run-off whether it is domestic or commercial. The Soakway “Aquacell” crate is the modern and effective way of constructing soakaways & infiltration systems. The crates are 95% void therefore allowing attenuation during those high volume cloud-bursts. When wrapped in a geotextile membrane to prevent fines and ingress the void the soakway prolongs its effectiveness.

Jetting and vacuum tankers

Our tankers are purpose built to the highest specifications and are made to order with our business, clients & efficiency in mind. Our directors hand pick each device installed on our fleet in order to get the very best from the vehicles.

9,000l Air Volume
Dry Vacuum via Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump
Hose Boom and Over-Pavement Telescopic Arm
Inventory of Jetting Nozzles

Septic tank Emptying and cleaning

Clearing things out…
Septic tank emptying is carried out by our expert team using a combination of powerful vacuum tanker equipment.

…And cleaning them up.
Alongside our regular septic tank and cesspit emptying service, we offer septic tank cleaning. This is where we jet vac all of the lines into the tank, check the soakaway and, if necessary, clear any debris around it – resorting to a man-entry clean if necessary.

Preventing the worst from happening.
Reduce the likelihood of encountering septic tank blockages and other issues by only ever flushing pee, poo and paper down the toilet. That means no sanitary products, food waste, fats, oils or anything else – even aggressive cleaning products can have a negative impact.

Gully emptying
Ground level drains, or gullies, require regular cleaning to ensure good working order, and Drain It Ltd are specialists in all aspects of gully emptying and cleaning.
Drains and grates can be blocked by leaves, mud, litter and other debris, stopping the free flow of water throughout the sewer system and leading to standing water on roads and walkways. Our expert team are fully equipped to vacuum out waste from any domestic or commercial gully, inspecting the health of the drain before carrying out high pressure water jetting to remove any remaining obstructions.

Trenchless technology & no dig pipeline rehabilitation

In-situ repairs
Once we have confirmed the extent of the damage, we may be able to carry out a fast, effective, cost-efficient repair, without having to excavate or dig holes on your premises and minimise disruption.

This is Trenchless Technology.
Subject to inspection, displaced joints, fractures, cracks, tree-root damage, collapsing/deformed pipes and other defects, may be repaired by patching or lining.

This will restore the integrity of the pipeline and prevent further deterioration. Patch/Lining can be carried out internally, or in drain runs under ground and buildings.
Side connections can be opened with mechanically cutters. Our specialist trained team will use the latest methods and technology to introduce a resin soaked liner section which is then fixed in place and cured under pressure.

Known as CIpP (cured-in-place pipeline) lining/patching, this forms a high strength pipe inside a pipe.
The resultant lining reduces internal friction helping flow rate and can actually be stronger than the pipe around.
Runs can often be used again the same day.
CIP lining has become a widely used method of permanent structural repairs to drain runs, whilst causing minimum site disruption.

Applications for CIP liners and patches.
Full length and spot repairs to foul and storm drainage systems.
Speciality/heritage drain pipes, including box section styles.
Repair internal and external stack pipes where accessible.
Capping root stems and repairing root damage after roots removed.
Strengthening and re-rounding pitch fibre pipes.
Sealing off redundant connections.
Improve flow in older drain lines.
Prevent cast iron pipes, inside or outside the building, from internal corrosion and reduce scale build up.
Repair damaged etc. pipes to stop ingress and egress of fluids.

Pitch Fibre re-rounding
Pitch Fibre is a very poor quality material that until recent years meant a full blown excavation if it was to be renewed, however there are now No Dig methods on the market to minimise the disruption.
The pipe work delaminates and blisters causing large lumps to occur usually in the lower half of the pipe, unfortunately the poor structural strength of the product and the non-existant pipe bedding method employed on installation usually means that the top half of the pipe is pushed down at the same time until a complete failure occurs.
Pipe Re-Rounding is not dissimilar to pipe bursting in as much as a head or pig is winched through the system, instead of splitting the pipe a head the same internal diameter as the host pipe is used in order to reshape and return the deformed pipe work to its original state, a CIPP liner is then installed to maintain the structural integrity of the pipe work.

The works can be undertaken from excavations or existing chambers however branch lines to gullies and toilet connection will normally require excavation and repair.


There are many forms of modern day underpinning techniques and with an experienced and highly skilled workforce we are pleased to offer an extensive service.

Our client base extends to all areas of the construction industry including domestic and commercial projects.

A major benefit when utilising our services is that we have the workforce, experience and resources available to undertake all aspects of a contract from start to finish. We pride ourselves on successfully providing a ‘complete drainage and groundworks service’.

Site Clearance

Drain It Ltd specialises in all forms of site clearance for both domestic and
commercial customers from one-off items to complete garden or land
clearances including light demolition.


  • Concreting

  • Underpinning

  • General ground works

  • General ground works

  • Connections to Main Drains: Pumped and Gravity

  • Water main supplied and fitted in conjunction with Jersey Water

  • New drain runs and repairs

  • Manhole covers supplied and fitted

  • Foul and storm water separation

  • All Drainage channels designed, supplied, installed and repaired

  • Slabbing, brick paving and block pavers supplied and laid

  • Hard Landscaping

  • Concrete, underpinning and all ground works undertaken

  • Grundfos sewage pumping stations, supplied, installed and maintained

  • Klargester Sewage Treatment Plant supplied, installed and maintained APPROVED INSTALLERS

  • Grease traps supplied, installed and maintained

  • Cesspools, Tanks, Soakaways, Septic Tanks

Rain Water Harvesting

  • Percolation tests carried in conjunction with P & E Committee’s Building Inspector

  • General building works

  • Site clearance and Haulage

  • Emergency drainage repairs