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Plumb It Express is the plumbing division of Drain It Ltd. Our fully
qualified Jersey plumbers offer domestic and commercial plumbing and heating services throughout the island. In addition to performing boiler repairs and central heating services, Plumb It Express can effectively replace burst or leaking pipes, taps, toilets, tanks, pumps, overflows, radiators, cylinders and immersion heaters. For your convenience, we also supply a 24-hour emergency plumber call out service from our Jersey office.

All of our plumbing services are guaranteed and fully insured. Each
member of our friendly Jersey staff is fully qualified and experienced
in all types of plumbing and heating, and can assist with any project,
large or small.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss our CCTV drain inspection services in further detail Tel: 01534 720988

Drain It ltd are Grundfos agents and service providers

Drain It Ltd offers a complete range of pumps to suit every need for the collection and transportation of effluent, surface commercial & wastewater. Our reliable and energy-efficient pumping solutions feature an enclosed pump and motor, making them suitable for submersible
operation as well as vertical or horizontal dry installation. In addition, guide rail installation allows the pumps to be serviced without the need for entering the pit.

Drain It Ltd pumping solutions build on decades of expertise, allowing us to balance performance, reliability, cost efficiency and serviceability. Drain It Ltd can design the entire pump system or provide high-quality components such as sewage pumps, drainage pumps, grinder pumps, lifting stations, pre-fabricated pumping stations, controllers and a wide range of accessories.

Surface & Wastewater pumping stations

In surface & wastewater transport, pumping stations are designed to collect and transport wastewater to a point of higher elevation. Pumping stations are also known as lift stations.

A pumping station is typically designed to handle surface & wastewater that is fed from underground gravity pipelines and stored in an underground pit, or wet well. The wet well is equipped with electrical instrumentation to detect the level of wastewater present. When the wastewater level rises to a predetermined level, the pumping station commences operation: A pump starts to lift the surface & wastewater
upwards through a pressurised pipe system that discharges the wastewater into a gravity manhole. Here, the cycle starts again until the surface & wastewater reaches its destination – usually a wastewater treatment plant or surface water outfall via a gravity sewer.

In the event of high water flows into the well (for example during peak flow periods and wet weather) additional pumps will start in parallel.

In terms of their size, pumping stations are normally categorised as pressurised pumping stations (small), network pumping stations (medium) or main pumping stations (large).

Prefabricated pumping stations

Drain It Ltd can size a wastewater or surface water pumping station to suit your specific needs. Prefabricated pumping stations can handle all sorts of wastewater: from effluent, drainage and sewage from domestic, commercial, municipal and industrial properties to surface water from highways and roads.

Generally, prefabricated pumping stations are used in two main types of sewer systems:

Pressurised sewer systems: A pressurised sewer system is ideal for sparsely populated areas and areas where ground conditions make gravity installations too expensive. The wastewater pumping station is fitted with efficient and reliable grinder pumps to prevent clogging in the small-diameter pipes or hoses typically found in these systems.

Gravitational sewer systems: Prefabricated pumping stations are used as lift stations in traditional gravitational sewer systems as a cost-efficient, environmentally friendly and highly reliable alternative to expensive concrete solutions – both in new-build and in refurbishment projects.

Plumbing Services

Our Jersey plumbers and heating engineers undertake all types of residential, commercial and industrial work including:

  • Fault finding

  • General plumbing

  • Boiler/cylinder inspection

  • Leaks and pipe work

  • Radiator repairs, alterations and desludging

  • Grundfos installations

  • Central heating repairs

  • Connections to Jersey Water

  • Bathroom fittings and repairs

  • Unvented hot water cylinders

  • Existing and new build installations

  • Burst pipes

  • Overflows

  • Shower fittings and repairs

  • Kitchen sink fittings and repairs

  • Storage Tanks